Anyone involved in a production knows that success is about managing details. Sally is skilled at managing production details of all mediums and takes pride at mastering pre-production planning and problem solving. Whether in the role of Producer/Co-Producer or Production Coordinator of a statewide game show, short films, commercials, infomercials or feature films; she knows the industry and can provide a high level of organization that keeps schedules rolling and budgets intact. Sally has Directed and Produced commercials and short films; however, her proudest moment is Directing the California Lottery TV Show that was syndicated state wide. "Make Me a Millionaire" offered a prime time HD look and feel that competed with the best of televised games shows.

"Apparition" - Co- Producer / NorCal Casting - SAG Feature film, Horror/Thriller

MISSION: "THANK YOU" with Scootin America, Harley-Davidson and Wounded Warrior Project honoring our vets by giving away 8 brand NEW Harley Davidson motorcycles nationwide.

"Kickstands Up" Producer and Production Manager - Webinar, 5 episodes.
Traveling show, featuring rides and riders and hot spots along the way.

"Make Me a Millionaire" - helped create and launch the California Lottery's TV game show which she Produced and Directed for nearly 2 years. She has also cast and produced several local projects.

SuperLotto Plus Live Broadcast: Managing the broadcast for nearly 6 years the LIVE draw and reaching 9 markets statewide.

Freelance Producer available upon your needs!
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Sally has been producing for over 13 years and is an asset to all projects.

"Sally is a gift to the industry. She's a multi talented problem solver and creative team task force. Having been on set as both producer and previously as press to some of the biggest movies of the century, I have witnessed her saving skills.

-A true pleasure to work along side you Sally!"

Mark S. Allen

4 time Emmy Award winning Producer
(Executive Producer EXTRA BUTTER TV, Producer APParition)


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Ph. 916-769-4233